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Longest sniper shot

Longest sniper shot


A Canadian sniper breaks the record for the longest confirmed kill shot - but how?

Infographic: The Longest Sniper Kills In History | Statista

“For operational security reasons and to preserve the safety of our personnel and our Coalition partners we will not discuss precise details on when and how ...

#4 Master Corporal Aaron Perry: 2,310 m (2,526 yd). 6 Longest Sniper Shots ...


Alex Ward

The Globe and Mail said the shooter used a McMillan Tac-50 rifle, which is made in the US. The .50-calibre rifle is known in the Canadian armed forces as ...

Michael Moore Reacts to "Worlds Longest Sniper Shot" Taking Out ISIS Terrorist.

longest sniper shot


The World's Longest Sniper Kill: The Enemy Shot Dead at 3,871 Yards (Over 2 Miles Away)

Longest Sniper Kill Ever 1.5 Miles

Credit: Bill Poor/Facebook

sniper graphic

The shot took just under 10 seconds to hit the target and was fired from a high-rise location during an operation within the past four weeks.

Longest Sniper Shots No. 8

6 Longest Sniper Shots Of All Time brian kremer

Training, natural shooting ability, high quality equipment, and a little bit of plain old luck are necessary to consistently make such long range shots ...

The record for longest sniper kill has been broken. Two unnamed snipers from the Australian Army have made what is apparently the successful longest rifle ...

While the current record for the longest “confirmed” sniper kill is over 2,700 yards (just over 1.5) miles, with a .338 Lapua Magnum round, for nearly 35 ...

Introducing the World's Longest Sniper Kill (At Over 2 Miles Away)

McMillan TAC-50 Sniper Rifle (C15 Long Range Sniper Weapon)

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A sniper fires at targets during clashes with Islamic State group fighters in Mosul (file

The shot was fired from a Macmillan TAC-50 Sniper Rifle set on a high-rise tower. The bullet took under 10 seconds to reach the target.

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The Longest Sniper Kills In History

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Canadian soldiers currently claim three of the top five longest confirmed shots ever recorded in the history of warfare.

Longest Sniper Shots No. 1

Army Staff Sgt. Jim Gilliland

LONGEST SNIPER SHOT!? (Battlefield 4)

As of June 2017, what is the longest successful sniper shot recorded?

Records are set to be broken and this one seems to be getting broken weekly. A Canadian soldier in Iraq has killed an Islamic State militant from more than ...

The McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle was used in the longest confirmed kill by a

Canadian sniper in Iraq makes longest confirmed kill shot in military history


It should be noted that in 2012, two Australian snipers simultaneously fired on a Taliban commander in Afghanistan and killed him at a range of 2,815 meters ...

The British sniper who nailed three 1.53-mile hits

A member of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment takes part in training. A Canadian special

Canadian sniper held the world record for longest range sniper kill for a while. I



Ghost Recon Wildlands Longest Sniper Shot Xbox One 1761m with the L115A3 ...

Sgt Craig Harrison holds the longest confirmed sniper kill but developed post-traumatic stress disorder after his deployment in the Balkans

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Sniper in Afghanistan.

When dealing with this subject we need to clarify at the outset that we are not simply referring to the distance any bullet may have traveled; ...

Fortnite Funny and WTF Moments (Longest Sniper Shot!) (Battle Royale)

A British SAS trooper used this WWII-era weapon to make the longest kill shot in the unit's history

Throughout the history of modern warfare, the record for longest confirmed sniper kill is one that has steadily gotten more and more extreme as technology ...

Canadian Sniper Shatters Longest Confirmed Kill Record with Two-Mile Shot

Do you have what it takes to claim the longest-ranged sniper kill? (

6 Longest Sniper Shots Of All Time carlos hathcock



Canadian sniper shattered world record, killing ISIS fighter from 2 miles away, report says

World's Longest Sniper Kill: The Enemy Killed at 3,871 Yards (Over 2 Miles Away)

Accuracy International L115A3 Rifle


The longest recorded sniper kill - WTF fun facts | Facts | Royal marines, Sniper training, Guns, ammo

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A Canadian sniper has broken the world record for the longest kill shot. Pictured:

The McMillan TAC-50 is a .50-caliber weapon, and the largest

A Canadian sniper uses a C3A1 sniper rifle.

Canadian sniper crushes world record for longest confirmed kill in military history, reports say

The record for the World's Longest Sniper Shot has officially been broken!

The Longest Kill: The Story of Maverick 41, One of the World's Greatest Snipers Paperback – February 14, 2017

... Defence Force's (SANDF) Joint Operations division will not be drawn on whether a South African operator made one of the longest confirmed sniper kill ...

Canadian Armed Forces

Credit: Shatter

Longest Sniper Shots No. 4


Canadian Special Operations sniper hit target from more than 2 miles away, military says


Guns & Ammo recently recapped the eight longest sniper shots ...

Top 10 LONGEST SNIPER Shots in Fortnite History!

What was the longest recorded Sniper Shot. Plus another cool shot happened just yesterday.

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The Marine who made history's 5th longest sniper kill (with a machine gun) - YouTube

The (current) Longest Sniper Shot In History

Canadian snipers, pathfinders and reconnaissance members from 2nd Bataillon Royal 22nd Regiment conduct insertion and extraction by helicopter training ...


Longest heavy sniper shot ever new record fortnite battle royale epic funny moments 253

... longest sniper shots in history. Bolt Rifle vs Semi-Auto Rifle, rifle comparison, lead

Texas Man Claims To Have Set 'World Record' For The Longest Sniper Shot

US Optics Academy: Two Days in the Dirt Shooting Long Range Precision Rifle

#1 Unnamed Canadian Sniper 3,540m (3,871 yards)